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Retrospective Introspection

September 18, 2023

Although energy work and holding space is not new for me, Held Space 616 is a new(er) venture. It has now officially been 8 weeks operating, mixed with time for self, grief, transitional adjustments, vacations, care-taking, relationship building, and realizations about the places I'm putting my energy. So, really, its been a loose 8 weeks.

I've felt truly grateful and inspired by the connections I've made and opportunities I've had to embrace feelings and energy over these scattered weeks. This is such beautiful work & I'm honored that I've been called back to it. On August 8th, I made the decision to resign from my job as a public school teacher after 16 years of (mostly) loving it. Knowing that I'm embracing my evolving calling and passion is such a whole peace. Truly, I'm giddy to share this with others and celebrate as they step into their power.

Photos: Midsommar in June, Forest Meditation, Beach Earth Altaring for Calm, several 1-on-1s for Reiki and Energy Work, Human Design Sessions & Pathways, Earth Altaring for Release, 1-on-1s for Empowerment and Partnered Practice, & festival space setting with energy scans & peels with vibration tuning (what Held Space has been busy with)

So, as we roll into Autumn, we are given this opportunity to refresh and reflect, to re-organize and re-prioritize. While I'm staying busy with Held Space, following this week's event, I am grateful for the opportunity to close my calendar for the rest of the month to focus on the studio space and upcoming projects.

A Fulfilling Year

Soon, this space will be a place for resources, workshops, and shares; these upcoming months will be filled with transitions, announcements, and beautiful growth. Thank you for holding and sharing space with me & trusting me with your truths and your journey.

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